EOSpace Product

Technical team develops DAPP, DAPP store, explorer, media and application projects etc.


First EOS game value storage pet

The Mars Tribe

Social application based on EOS

EOS Block

Real time viewer for EOS Blockchain

Gaia University

Education platform

Coming soon

Distributed game organization

Coming soon
Blockchain Planet

Blockchain Community

Coming soon

The Core Team

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Yunming Wang

WOWO(NASDAQ:JMU)Founder. The biggest angel capital—Singapore Qiusuo Venture Capital partner. Founder of “Distributed Blockchain Lab” and Bit Maker Space. Tsinghua SEM 2005 MBA. Tsinghua Student Internet Associate Founder and ex-chairman. Startup tutor of Tsinghua students.

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James Tan(Singapore)

Managing Partner, Quest Ventures. Co-founder, 55tuan (NASDAQ).

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Master of Beijing Institute of Technology, founder of eosblock.co and dapphub.co, top 30 of eos community github contributors, has rich experience in smart contract development.

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Founder of Mars Tribe, Founder of EOS Open Source Alliance, Rich Mobile Internet and Block Chain Development Experience, Several Public Chain Project Advisors.

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Famous lecturers on the Internet. The author of Xiaobo Swift with million playback. Committed to App development and training, block chain technology research and development and application.

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Chao Wang

2012 Graduated from Tsinghua Software School. Maimai startup team member. Responsible for Maimai product backend development. Zuiyou App project manager, responsible for backend technology development and customer's demand digging and fulfillment. Has done deep research in blockchain technology.

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Pingping Lin(U.S.A)

PhD of Tsinghua computer. Stanford and Berkeley joint laboratory visit for one year. Technical director of ONF(open networking foundation), co-founded by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon. Familiar with virtualization of mobile network and next generation network reconstruction

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Ruijing Shi

Beijing Institute of Technology Master. Columbia Master. Publish paper on electromagnetic computation in international journal. Rich experience in algorithm, programing and finance. Gaia University co-founder.